13 June 2007

Ya Gotta Love It

An informal chat with a couple of guys one night led to the topic of tattoos. They come in all colors and subjects here. The religious ones tend to be crosses or thorns. Many Hispanic men have a rosary tattooed around the neck or wrist. I've seen a few beautifully done images of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Some are prison-done. Artful, but crude. The ones guys got on the outside are sometimes wildly stunning.

But that brings me to our chat. With summer coming on, many of the men are shaving their hair. It's just easier to be bald in the summer time. But that also reveals some more interesting tattoos. Spider webs. A half-forgotten girlfriend. Or the one that took the cake. A fuel gauge with the arrow pointing to empty. Right there on the guy's head. Can you imagine what will happen when he goes in for a job interview? Better hope he gets to work release in the winter time, when his hair is grown out a bit and the tattoo is hidden.


MikeF said...

Hi Shannon! Just found my way over here from Jane R's Acts of Hope, only to find you already had The Mercy Blog in your blogroll...

Good to meet you - I can see I'm going to enjoy reading "Finding Grace Within"... you're all safely tucked up in my feed reader now!

Chickwriter said...

As always I enjoyed your story from within. Thanks for the smile.