31 August 2008

Does God Have A Sense of Humor?

Every now and then, I just have to ask the question.

Today was a fine day of contemplating Jeremiah's complaint, "You duped me, O God, and I let myself be duped." Except that "duped" isn't in the usual offender vocabulary. So at various services it was "dupped" and "du-ped." And I offered other words: You tricked me. You seduced me. You sold me a bill of goods. Put in those terms, the guys got it. And we went from there to talk about why Jeremiah complained.

Being a spokesperson for God should be a good thing, right? Except people yell at him, chase him out of town, throw rocks at him, toss him down a dry well. Where's the reward in all that?

And Peter, who has only lived with his new name for half a paragraph, hears that his Friend is going to be killed in Jerusalem and goes sideways. "God forbid anything should happen to you!" Jesus slaps on a new name, "You Satan," and goes on to talk about the suffering to come.

You thought becoming a Christian would make your life easier? WRONG Thank you for playing. Becoming a person of faith means you get to know the great secret: in good times and in bad, God is with you. You are not alone. Your suffering means something and, linked to Christ, you may be able to understand that you are linking to all people who are suffering, whom God wishes to heal.

After Communion in the R-1 dining room, a time of silence followed--except for the chatterers who just don't get it. So I offered to teach them a prayer that one of the jail chaplains uses often.
I spoke a line and they repeated it.

Be still and know that I am God.

Be still [at which point the ice machine over in the corner kicked into high gear and belched out a bucketful of ice]

Be still and know that I am.

Be still and know.

Be still.


Does God have a sense of humor? You bet. Especially when we are taking ourselves far too seriously.

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afeatheradrift said...

Wise words Shannon. Thank you. As I contemplate my induction into the Episcopal Church this Sunday, I think this would be a good prayer to stay with this week. :)