10 August 2008


A word about George, for all you who've been praying for him. His wife called yesterday to say that George went for surgery Tuesday, as planned, and two more times. Things were dicey and he was on a ventilator. But Friday and Saturday, he was sitting up, off the ventilator, "marching in place," and hankering for a walk. All of this is good news.

I let the men know at all the services today. We had gathered around George at two of the services last week and prayed for him, supplementing the Anointing of the Sick he'd celebrated on Saturday evening. I am always moved by how personally the men in prison take on the task of praying for others, near or far.

Today's readings about Elijah in the cave and Jesus on the water were especially fitting. In the great storms of life, what do we most need to hear? "I am with you."

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