26 November 2008

A Few Updates

#1. About the atheist who wanted a non-kosher diet: I went to see him in his unit last Sunday. He wasn't there. He's sitting in the Closed Observation Unit (mental health area, monitored 24/7), wearing a smock, not talking to anyone. Seems he made that comment about kosher food while he was working in the kitchen and someone took offense. Smacked him over the head with a mop handle. Two black eyes and 14 stitches later, he'll be spending Thanksgiving in a very bare room. (The smock is so he can't use his clothing to harm himself.)

#2. My car: has not been heard from since it was stolen. Although a bank teller may have heard one of the thieves on the phone. Go figure. A young woman called wanted to know about whether a certain account was active. The bank doesn't divulge that kind of information. Young woman hung up--or thought she did. There was some further conversation about "We need to get another car soon. This one's only good for a few more days." HA. Tabs are up December 1st.

#3. One of the fun things I get to do: deliver backpacks to two local schools. The local foodbank that sits in our parish block established a backpack program for kids who might not have enough food for the weekend. They pack up Top Ramen, mac and cheese, breakfast bars, juice, things kids like to eat and can prepare by themselves. There are at least two dozen kids at each of five schools getting those backpacks. It's sad that they need the food, but great that we can provide a little something.

Last Friday, I was on a delivery run and hauling backpacks into an office. A girl, probably eight or so, was on her way to the front office but stopped and said, "I'm one of the backpack girls." I told her I was delighted to meet her. "I sent you a thank you card," she said and went on to describe her backpack. What a jewel.

#4. Other things that could explain why I haven't posted much lately: I'm in school. It's a pastoral leadership program, two days a month. Should be easy, right? HA! It was a day when I was supposed to be headed to school that my car was stolen, remember? There's a lot of reading to be done, and papers to write. Today it was the paper that got me. I've known about this assignment since September. We got more explicit instructions back on Nov. 12th. When did I decide to write this 5-8 page paper that had to be postmarked by Nov. 26th (and not emailed or faxed)? Why, today, of course. I actually function fairly well under pressure and I'd been chewing on the "case" to analyze for a while, but putting it together with the information we'd gotten in class and in the readings... sheesh. I kept sending my sister email updates: "It's 1:30 and I've written 3.25 pages." Lucky for me, the paper was done, printed, stuffed in an envelope and hauled to the post office before 5pm.

I plan to spend a good part of the next three days doing the reading for class that is next Tuesday. And how did I end up without a Bible in my house? Are they all at the office?

If you think dysfunctional families are fun during the holidays (witness the slapstick comedies that come out about now), try being in prison. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's, it's going to be a bumpy ride, as some famous actress once said. We try to walk a fine line, having events that focus on families and kids, which irritates or depresses the hell out of people who don't get to see their families, and we have to carry on as if one day is just like another, except that it's way too easy for the staff to get cranky for being away from their families.

I look at the calendar and wonder where 2008 has gone. I had such good intentions. Maybe I'll sort the bills, clean off the dining room table, haul out the recycling, and put on "Amahl and the Night Visitors." I'm almost ready for the season.


FranIAm said...

The whole notion of dysfunctional families, slapstick Hollywood versions of them, people who can't stand to be with their families today and those who would long for the chance is really perched in my heart today.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving - I am very grateful to know you from blogging!

(Clean off the dining room table? Sort the bills? Get the paper written? We are east and west coast bookends perhaps! My paper is due Monday, by email!)

Jane R said...

I have a paper due too! I'm your bookend from the South! Don't you love (not) how we are all supposed to be doing this in our spare time?!

Shannon said...

I had an absolutely free day today because I swore I was NOT going to get out on the road. So what did I do? Slept and napped til 11, with one ear on a wonderful 2-hour piece on NPR that I will have to go hunt up online because I can't remember what it was, except that it was wonderful. I taped Oliver Stone's "JFK" because I didn't have the heart to watch it with commercials.

And I'm delving into Mary Pipher's book "Writing to Change the World." If her name sounds familiar, she's the author of "Reviving Ophelia." Fran and Jane, you'd be tickled to know that she has a whole chapter on blogging!

So I didn't clear off the dining room table or sort the bills. The paper did get written. And the laundry and the dishes got done, the sheets were changed, and I hauled out the recycling. And I think there's a mouse in the house.

Now I'm going to read. US Catholic showed up at work, NCR showed up at home, and the Pipher book is calling.

St Edwards Blog said...

I am here to bring Advent good wishes albeit from my other incarnation!

I just hit send on my paper... with all of its attendant anxiety, but it is done and in.

Blessings to you Shannon! (and Jane! and all!)

P.S. that book sounds interesting!