08 March 2009

Second Sunday of Lent--random thoughts

It's March 8th, for heaven's sake. Look out the windows of the chapel. There's a near white-out going on. Snow?? Again? Too true. I hadn't seen any snow in the whole hour that it took to drive from Tacoma to Shelton. When I got to the parking lot, it was sort of misting kind of hard (you have to live in Western Washington to get the nuances).

I went inside, turned in my keys, went through two sets of gates, picked up my work keys, went through one last gate and outside. Thick fluffy flakes settled on me. This place has its own convergence zone.

Men on the walkway from their units to the dining hall looked headless. Their coats were pulled up over their heads as they hustled.

The first reading sent Abraham and Isaac up to Mt. Moriah. "Good Abraham! Lots of faith!" Yeah. Right. "Good Isaac! Lots of faith!" I don't think so. I have this picture in my head of Sarah coming out of the tent, waving an apron and yelling, "God said WHAT? Are you out of your mind? What are you thinking?"

And I'm still thinking about a comment I read somewhere, comparing this Abraham with the one who was set on bargaining with God, "What? You'll destroy this whole town? What if there are 50 righteous people in it? 45? 40?" All the way down to ten. What happened to that man? "God never spoke to Abraham again (after the Mt. Moriah incident)." Good. Serves him right.

I know--that chapter is also a lesson in "Human sacrifice does not belong here" in Jewish practice. But what about the rest of it?

And I can never get enough of Peter on Mt. Tabor. "Cool beans! Let's set up tents! We can put the RVs over there. The Ferris wheel and other rides can go just down the hill. Midway? Who wants to take care of the Midway? Postcards! Virtual games! We'll be rich!"

By the time I left just after three, there was no more snow anywhere. It wasn't quite warm out, but it was sunny with huge wonder-making clouds, a reflection of all the wonder-making inside today.

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St Edwards Blog said...

Postcards! Virtual games! We'll be rich!

I love it.