02 April 2009

It's spring! April Fool!

That was the greeting all day long yesterday. April 1st and it was snowing. Cold and snowing. The white stuff covered the garden that is begging to be planted. It covered the yard where the phones stood silent. It covered the jackets pulled up over the heads of offenders trudging toward lunch. It didn't stick to the sidewalks. Small miracle.

It was all gone by three in the afternoon.

A friend from one of the county jails called to tell me, "A friend of ours is coming back to you." When he told me the name, I wailed, "Again? What happened?" John laughed. "You know what he said? 'This time I didn't do it.'

When I saw our mutual friend, he told me, "I really didn't do it. I mean, I did smoke some weed, but I swear I didn't know the car was stolen."

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