18 July 2009

This Weekend

... is the annual Revival.

Jesus bands.

Lots of testimonies.

Altar calls.

"Sign this card if you've given your heart of Jesus!"

Frantic card-counting in the chapel afterwards

This year: no telephone books ripped, no bricks broken. We will create no trash in honor of the Lord.

And where am I?


Thinking about the seeds that get planted all year.

Pondering the seeds that will be sown this weekend.

Planning for the aftermath

I've backslid.

Turned my back on God.

Told God to take a hike.

Thought I could do it on my own.

How do I make God look at me again?

I gave my life to God last year, and everything has been horrible ever since.

Getting ready for the aftermath

sitting with the brokenness

praying with tears

reminding that God laughs with us, not at us

It's Revival Weekend. I'll be there Sunday.

and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday