31 December 2009

A New Year

Less than an hour til the new year here on the West Coast. Not the new decade. I'm one of those sticklers who insist that counting begins with ONE, so the 20teens don't start til 2011. But I've been thinking about 1999 and what a great turn of the annual odometer that was. I loved watching the New Year's celebrations every hour from around the world. I spent a lot of time the last three months of 1999 dealing with Y2K, the computers will fail, planes will crash, and oh yeah, maybe the locks will be open at the prison that day.

Lots of New Years since then, more yet to come. And no, I'm not worried about 2012, though I suppose come the fall of 2012, I'll have to spend some time on it. That poor guy who was startled to find out Catholics, as a whole, don't believe in the rapture, he may have to come back to get another dose of reality then.

But I opened my work email tonight to find sad news. One of our long-term residents killed himself today. There's a memorial service to be done on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Another new year. Still the sadness and heartache, the unimaginable, the big questions. Still a place that needs some light. I go back to work on Sunday. What has God been up to while I was gone?


Fran said...

Prayers for the man who ended his life, prayers for all within the walls there.

Prayers for you.

Peace for 2010, healing, consolation, love, mercy, peace.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I'm sure God has been very busy while you were gone! ;) Wishing you a very blessed 2010!