17 March 2010

Signs of Spring in Prison

1. The garden behind my building was rototilled on Monday two weeks ago.

2. It snowed and hailed that same day.

3. There is more than one person walking the track in the small yard.

4. Two of the half-courts are busy with games of "Horse."

5. The pickle ball court is full and has people waiting to play.

(Lest you think we have some huge recreation space, the "courts" are about the size of a couple of driveways.)

6. Softball and soccer compete for attention.

7. If you walk down the hallway in the infirmary, the injuries have shifted from winter basketball to spring baseball, notably, more black eyes from a misjudged baseball.

8. The swallows are back!

9. The yard is open at night.

10. I go to work in the light and come home in the light.


Daily Grace said...

What a peaceful image these words create. May God continue to bless your ministry and I will pray for all those who reside within these walls.

Gramma said...

10. This is what happened when I came to know Christ.