02 May 2010

Did you know...

we prayed "for our deadly departed" today.

Pamphylia is the source of all church pamphlets.

and listeria (wicked stuff if you ever come across it) had its origins in Lystra. (Maybe I'm glad it wasn't read as Lysistrada. That would have been tough to explain to a roomful of men.)

Antochi wasn't on my travel itinerary. Maybe next time.

We had fun today with the readings. Can you decipher this?
613 --> 10 --> 2 = 1

There were a couple of empty seats in the classroom-church this afternoon. We named each of them: Sudan, Brazil, Ireland, Asia. They were reminders of the bigger church we are a part of, people we pray for, who pray for us. And the gift in that? A man who was one of the Lost Boys of Sudan told a bit of his story. The Body of Christ weeps.



I am having trouble understanding the gist of your post other than comments about the service. It doesn't sound like a very inspiring service to me. I guess you had to be there. I'm glad you took the time to share it anyway, so I took the time to read it and comment. God bless.

Shannon said...

Those were just bits and pieces of the occasional weirdness. Our worship resource is printed in Los Angeles and contains both English and Spanish prayers and readings. The typos and misprints can be a challenge, and the guys who volunteer are willing, but sometimes not great at sight-reading, so we get the odd proclamation (like praying for the "deadly" rather than the "dearly" departed.

The number in mid-post were a way to remember that, given the gospel of John for the day, we'd gone from 613 Jewish laws, to the 10 commandments, to the two great laws that Jesus gave, and finally, the one commandment Jesus gave his followers: "Love one another as I have loved you." Which led to a recap of the 10 commandments after the service--"Don't covet Joe's wife. Or his stuff."

And I'm forever pushing the idea that we are connected to people around the world praying with the same Scriptures, that our prayers help them, theirs help us. So naming the desks with different countries was a part of making that real.

I will confess to writing that post after a day's worth of Communion services. Not much time for reflection, but I did want to catch the day.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

How silly I was! Thanks for explaining the number. I added up 6+1+3 and got 10. So, figured that was the relationship. The figured the 10 leading to 2 was actually the number 2 represented in the binary system (10). But no way could I get 2 to equal one in any system. Now I get it! Funny how everything on the left side of the equation worked out to be the same!