13 May 2010


I'm leaving prison.

While I haven't had the elegant countdown like so many of the men I've worked with, as of today, it is seventeen days and a wake-up. Drama Queen that I am, the men will get the news on Sunday at the end of the service. My last day will be May 30th.

However, it's not the end of detention ministry.

In mid-June, I'll be headed north to Seattle to become the Catholic chaplain at the King County Jail. There's a great group of volunteers there, many who have been ministering in the jail for years. I expect to learn a great deal from them as we work together.

This has all happened very quickly, and yet...

I tend to do my career in 10-12 year chunks: 10 years teaching high school, 12 years in parishes, and just last Sunday, I celebrated my 11th anniversary at the prison. In 2008-2009, I was in a pastoral leadership program, hungry to stretch myself, but not feeling the need to move on. And now this.

Recently I reflected that "I sometimes do things on a whim that turn out to be exactly the right thing" and that is what this new move feels like.

"So where's God in all this?" my spiritual coach asked.

"Stirring things up!" was my immediate response.

Remember "Man of la Mancha"? Toward the end of the play, Sancho Panza shouts, "Adventure!" That's what I'm feeling this morning. More to come.


Teresa said...

Good for you ! Looking forward to sharing this new experience with you.

Allison said...

Oh Shannon. Godspeed.

Muser said...

Congratulations on the new post, and thanks for all the good work you've done.

claire said...

I sometimes do things on a whim that turn out to be exactly the right thing. So very true.

Godspeed in your new adventure.