27 June 2010

Directionally Challenged

All I had to do was go to the courthouse, get my fingerprints done, and get my badge.

I went to the wrong building, after sitting out in the courtyard, smugly enjoying the fact that I was early.

I found an office with a title that seemed to fit what I was looking for--but I was in the wrong building. Uh huh. This was the County Administration building. I needed to be across the street in the Courthouse.

I also needed the bathroom. Spotted the familiar blue and white sign down a poorly painted hallway. Zipped inside and went into the stall.

"And tell me, Shannon, what was your first clue that you might be in the wrong bathroom?"

Maybe the fact that the toilet seat was up? Or that the contents hadn't been flushed?

It's a public bathroom, I told myself, get used to it.

I heard someone else come into the bathroom.

I noticed the shoes first.

And then the direction in which the shoes were pointing.

They were not pointing forward like my feet were.

I waited til he left and then hurried out before anyone else came in.

No, I hadn't noticed the urinal right next to the stall with the door. And no, I hadn't really read the sign outside that clearly said MEN with the appropriate drawing. And there wasn't any cloying perfumey smell that sometimes inhabits the women's room.

Went to the courthouse, found the right office, filled out the forms, hoping they wouldn't ask if I'd done anything illegal in the last ten minutes. Fingerprinting done. Here's the badge. Have a nice day.

Back to the office without incident.


claire said...

This is a highly enjoyable post, Shannon. So great that you can laugh at yourself. Lucky for you that nothing more traumatic happened!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Oh, my! I don't think being in the "wrong" bathroom is illegal, but it certainly would be uncomfortable! I hope you had a good Fourth!