09 September 2010

A Chaplain's Shopping List

Tissue in the box
and the small packets

for the iPods
for the clock

Holy cards
pictures of Jesus
and Mary
and God

Serenity Prayer
Catholic prayer book
in English
in Spanish
Russian Laotian Polish
words to the rosary

a bible
with all the books
The new testament with
Proverbs and Psalms
is nice but
I need more

Give me this day
Our Daily Bread
and Living Faith
and The Purpose Driven Life
any devotional book you have

for the volunteers
Chocolate--make it Dove
or Ghirardelli
lemon drops

I'm worried about my kids
What's my girl doing right now
I need
peace of mind
or heart
my meds

Can I be forgiven

Will you
come talk to me
call my girl
tell my kids I'm all right
fix me up with housing
tell me where to get a hot meal
explain why suicide
is such a bad thing

Tissue in the box
and the small packets
holy books

a listening heart

I come with my shopping list
small reminders of
and hunger
for more than bread
that satisfies for
only a moment.


Jane R said...

Beautiful. Poignant.

MikeF said...

Goodness. Yes. And all of what Jane said. Thank you, Shannon...

Teresa said...

Shannon, I know this is a list for your post but can these things be supplied for you ? Let me know, I would love to help.

Shannon said...

Teresa, there's actually a budget for most things (a huge difference over my last position where I got good at writing "begging" letters). We're very restricted on what can be given to the offenders because "stuff accumulates."

That being said, I'm always on the lookout for holy cards and other bookmarkers with Scripture or thoughtful sayings on them. Those are more elusive than the batteries and Kleenex!