01 February 2011

Please pray for Jayme Biendl

Jayme Biendl was a corrections officer at the Monroe Correctional Center north of Seattle. She was strangled to death last Saturday night during her shift at the chapel.

One of the news stories is here 

An offender who was not in his cell for the evening count was found in the chapel at 9:15pm. He told the officers that he'd been planning to escape, but had decided against it. They handcuffed him and took him to a segregation cell.

An hour later, Biendl's keys and radio still hadn't been turned in. Officers returned to the chapel area and found her dead.

It's a chilling story and it has repercussions at all the prisons and jails around the state. Please pray for Jayme, for her friends and family, and for her co-workers who continue to do a job that is dangerous every day.

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