28 March 2011

Helloooooo? Anybody home?

Well, I'm not, at least at the moment. Instead, I'm at the ocean in Oregon. For years, I've taken Easter week off and gone to the beach with several friends. We pack along our knitting, crocheting, quilting and books and settle in for a week of lazing about, good food, and Mariners' baseball. In the past few years, the group has dwindled due to health and retirement.

And this year, Easter week is way too darn late! I needed to get out of Dodge. So I packed a suitcase, threw my computer into its satchel, made sure the Kindle was loaded, and drove south to the beach where my sister is currently living. At a staff meeting I once complained, "The ocean never shuts up!" For an extravert, whose body is tuned to picking up all the sights and sounds in the area, that's a real problem. However, either I'm extra tired and the noise doesn't really matter, or I've gotten older (and maybe don't hear quite so well!) but I am enjoying the sight and sound of the waves.

Want a peek at where I am? Go right here.


Teresa said...

How wonderful !!! Enjoy your time with your sister.

claire said...

Looks like a good place to be, Shannon. Enjoy the ocean! I love its many moods :-)

Kedda said...

What a beautiful picture. Wish I was there with you! come back to us refreshed, and with lots of writing done.

jerry said...

Glad you're getting away...as Kedda mentioned, hope you will return home refreshed,with new insight and renewed energy.