04 October 2011

In Honor of the Feast Day

It's the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. This painting is thought to be very close to what he actually looked like. It is at eye level in the Lower Basilica of St. Francis in his home town. In the midst of angels and heavenly thrones, you could almost mistake him for another tourist.  Once I thought I caught him rolling his eyes as if to say, "Can you believe all this stuff??"

Francis went off to war a couple of times in his young life, once against a neighboring city, Perugia. He was captured and spent time in prison. It wasn't an easy time.

I think of Francis often at the jail. I meet so many people who were pretty set in their lives: having a good time, certain they were doing the right thing, spoiled, the life of the party. And now they're in jail. The story of "Frenchie from Assisi" comes in handy.

And who knows what saints are being made within these walls today? I know I've met some.

A note: I went to Google thinking to look for a picture of the prison Francis was in. Into the search engine I put "St. Francis AND prison." Here's what came up as the first hit: when St. Francis went to prison

I understand Frank was a wonderful tease... 


Fran said...


Assisi, Arkansas...Love it!

Shannon said...

Jail roster was among those listings... so strange!