13 October 2011

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

About a mile north of the jail, on 4th/5th and Pine Streets, there are signs everywhere. Occupy Seattle has been busy. There are all sorts of negotiations going on (the Mayor is accused of trivializing the basic outrage and turning it into "camping violations") but the mood continues to be fairly upbeat.

Across the street from the jail is the County Administration Building. It is often the backdrop for one of the TV news reporters covering a court case. (City Hall's spot is the next block.) I'm used to seeing those TV folks making their stand in the late afternoon, preparing for the evening news.

Yesterday, though, there was a young woman standing out on that sidewalk with a big bright green sheet of poster board. She tilted it up so it could be read by someone on the upper floors of the jail. On the poster board: CALL ME. When she flipped it over, it read: 
I'M SORRY. -----  I CAN SEE YOU. She stayed for a long time, holding up first one side, then the other. 

I wondered how many people in the jail saw her message, maybe thought it was meant for them, maybe took heart that someone was willing to re-establish contact.

We're looking for signs all the time. I'm still waiting for that billboard that says, "Dear Shannon, do ________________________. Love, God." Wouldn't that just be so much easier? 

Every now and then, I get reminded that I'm looking for outward signs and they just aren't all that visible. I get to hear stories and discover what God is writing in hearts every day. That's sign enough. For today.


Allison said...

Thank you for this.

Fran said...

Outward signs, simply not visible in the way we wish for them to be... Yet I continue to look for them myself and then feel disappointed when they don't turn up! And missing the real signs, which are all over.

Thanks for this Shannon!

Tamara said...

Yes, we all do look for signs from God. For me it is always an after the fact "Oh! That was You, wasn't it?" I wonder if God grows tired of me being such a slow learner? <>