28 November 2012

Somedays I just have to wonder...

In my email one day was this subject line, "I saw online that you were in jail!" Inside the email said, "Was it true?" and provided a link. 

A link to what? I don't know. Maybe the jail roster? More likely a site I didn't want to see at all. I didn't click on it. But I thought about that question. Was I in jail? Were the reports true?

If I'm doing my job, it's true. No getting around that!

But honestly, is that the worst thing you could scare me with? (It does beat the ads for enlarging body parts I don't have or entreaties from Nigeria that could make me rich.)

1 comment:

Sherry Peyton said...

I used to get tons of those emails about wanting to give me millions of dollars from people in Africa. So funny.