12 December 2012

Signs of Grace Within

artwork by Br. Mickey McGrath, OSFS

While others are counting down to 12-21-12, at the jail we'll be talking about Our Lady of Guadalupe today. Her image is found in unexpected places. I met a man at prison who had the full-blown image tattooed on his back. There have been others, smaller versions over the heart or on an arm. What is consistent is the unflagging affection from Latinos and Anglos alike.


Sherry Peyton said...

Today in our local paper was the story of the annual Fiesta to Our Lady of Guadalupe. People trek to the top of Mount "A" where they make campfires and have a breakfast burritos and tacos and there is a mass said before everyone goes back down. I should like to participate in that. Sounds wonderful. Of course here, Our Lady of Guadalupe is of especial importance and I believe the oldest American painting of her is in the oldest Catholic Church in the US which is in Sante Fe. It is truly beautiful as is the Church.

Shannon said...

That sounds like a great tradition, Sherry! I'm anxious to see what happens at the parish tonight. It's our Advent Reconciliation service, but I have a feeling La Guadalupana will be featured!