10 January 2013

Is There Room on Your Prayer List?

It is "going to court" time for a number of offenders that I have been seeing almost weekly. Some are going for bail hearings after spending months in jail. Others have decided to "take the deal" but don't know if that is going to mean drug treatment or five years in prison. If jail weren't stressful enough, the unknown that court brings ratchets everything thing up.

And it isn't just the offenders who are feeling the tension. Start with victim families who mostly do not want someone who has hurt them to be out on the streets again.

Add the offenders' families who have adjusted to being the family of THAT person.

Throw in the prosecutors who are working to keep the city a quieter place (and maybe trying to keep the win category full).

And the defense attorneys, especially the public defenders, who often have too many cases and few clients who think they're doing an adequate job.

And the corrections officers who are staring at not just empty beds, but whole wings that have been shut down for lack of offenders. They've been wondering about their jobs. 

And then it might snow this week.

And the Seahawks are in the playoffs. Maybe that's a good thing, a bit of a distraction before all those court dates next week.

Pray for all of us.  


Teresa said...

There is always room on my list ! I will pray for all of the above.

Sherry Peyton said...

Same Here!

Shannon said...

Thank you, Teresa and Sherry and Claire (who left a note on FB). Every bit helps!