04 March 2013

Education for Felons?

Someone's thinking about it. You can read the editorial in the Seattle Times here. The comments, at least so far, are your average knee-jerk reaction. 

Things to consider: 95% of people in prison will eventually be released to the community. Do you want them homeless? or capable of holding down a job, paying taxes, contributing to the general good?

The number of people in prison who do not have a high school diploma or GED is astronomical. Good education reform that keeps kids in school, educates them in a variety of ways, makes them excited about lifelong learning, that's something I can support.

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Sherry Peyton said...

When so many working class and middle class people want their kids to get "good educations" why is so far a leap to realize that all those "others" need the same thing? I will never get that mentality. Uneducated people make bad decisions or make the best of all bad choices. We need desperately to stop our prisons and jails from being warehouses and have them start be the rehabilitation centers we always claim they are. When will we learn?