28 March 2013

Holy Week in Jail

It's been a busy month both inside and outside the jail. There's a new pope. "Nice to see someone smiling for a change," an officer said.


 Then came the news that Pope Francis was headed to juvenile detention today for the washing of the feet.  That caused a flood of questions. Here's the story. As archbishop in Buenas Aires, Jorge Bergolio made a point of rolling up his sleeves and being a pastor face to face with the people. The stories come tumbling out.

So far, this is my favorite photo of him, sitting in the back of the chapel inside the guest house where he has chosen to live. He attends daily Mass with the people who work inside the Vatican, says a few words, eats in the dining room. This is not a man who is aloof and bound by custom. He wants to be around people. There is an example to be followed there and already it is spring.


Sherry Peyton said...

I am so very hopeful about Francis. I haven't been this hopeful in a very long time. Time will tell, but I do think the Spirit intervened once again to guide us to this man.

Allison said...

He is the real deal. Amen.