28 September 2014

One more reason to live

He's tried suicide since he came to the jail a few months ago. He's not proud of it, wouldn't do it now.

We talked about other things, books he's been reading, contact with family and friends. 

Before we parted, I asked if he would talk with someone if he was thinking of suicide again. He agreed. 

"Besides," I said, "you still have books four and five of the Game of Thrones to read. You can't die in the middle of the story."  

His eyes widened and then he laughed.


Peyton said...

You are one of the good guys Shannon. I suspect you do what you do mostly unthanked and unnoticed, but you are not..Thank you..you are one of the reasons humans progress :)

Tamara Swerline said...

A perfect response!

Teresa said...

Good one Shannon! Those books are HUGE. I decided to just watch it on HBO. Laughter is the best medicine. ( :